Let's Get Naked: The Mystery Behind What Sex Feels Like and More!

What does sex feel like? That's a hard one (no pun intended!) to answer. There are many reasons why you might ask yourself this question. Maybe, you're a virgin who has never had sex before. Maybe you're a man wondering what it feels like for a woman or vice versa, or maybe you're just a big fan of the "Masters of Sex" tv show and consider yourself a sex researcher. Whatever the reason, the simplest answer to "What does sex feel like?" or rather what does good sex feel like, is... it feels AMAZING! Of course, it's so much more complex than that. So let's just get into it.

How Does It Feel to Have Sex- the Physical Aspect:

The experience of having heterosexual sex is obviously very different for a man versus a woman. Most men describe intercourse as feeling like their penis is wrapped up in a warm cosy cocoon. Some also say it feels like they're getting a gentle massage down there. Others describe it as a comforting wet warmth. Some enjoy the texture of the insides of the vagina against their penis and also say that different vaginas have different textures resulting in unique experiences. Of course, most men love the building pressure felt as they thrust in and out while having sex.

As for women, it is a little odd when you think about the fact that having something inside you can give you so much pleasure, but it does. With the right guy and the right girth (most women agree that length isn't as important as girth), even the clitoris is stimulated, making sex even more pleasurable. Some women describe the feeling as a gratifying massage, while others enjoy the deep stimulation of having a penis go in and out of them.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex- the Emotional Aspect:

Having sex with someone is as much about the emotional aspect as it is about the physical. It is, after all, the most primal expression of love and desire and a form of energy exchange. When you have great sex with someone, it can be really life-changing. Sometimes it feels like an urgency or a hunger where you have to devour the other person right now, and at other times it feels like a slow yet intense dance.

Imagine sex as having the first bite of something you’ve been craving for a long time. Oh-so-satisfying, right? Sex can make you feel both powerful and weak at the same time. Everything else takes a backseat. There's no more stress, no work problems, no fatigue, no anger, nothing negative. All that matters in that moment is your partner and you. That's why sex is considered such a stress buster.

Sex is also a powerful human experience when you do it with someone with whom you have a connection. After all, it does not get more intimate than physically being inside another person or letting someone inside you. More than anything, most people will agree that having sex is FUN.

Different Positions and Condoms

What sex feels like will also vary depending on what position you're trying. The missionary position, for example, makes the man feel like he's in control, since he's the one on top. If you're the kind of person who prefers to look into their partner's eyes and feel a connection while doing it, missionary is for you. It's definitely one of the more romantic sex positions, albeit a little tame.

Doggy style, on the other hand, will make you feel like you're being more adventurous. It's just dirty enough without making things too rough or hard. Again, the man feels incredibly powerful and a woman who enjoys submission will also love this position.

The girl on top position is loved by many women. Not only does it give them control, but the angle helps the penis hit the G-spot just right and aids in getting a vaginal orgasm.

Reverse cowgirl is perfect for when you're feeling risqué.

Then there's sex with and without a condom. While most men say that a condom makes them less sensitive and helps them go on for a longer time, it also reduces the pleasure. Ditto for the woman. Sometimes it also increases friction and can get uncomfortable in which case lube would certainly help.

The Big O

If you're a globetrotter, you know that no matter how amazing your trips are, it's always immensely satisfying to come back home. That's what an orgasm feels like, a befitting end to a fun journey. Most people associate orgasms with euphoria and there's a scientific reason as to why. Your body releases adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine, all of which results in that feeling of contentment.

Scientifically speaking, for the guy, when he's close to an orgasm, seminal fluid collects in the urethral bulb. This results in the feeling of building pressure and contractions in the penis, which ultimately ends in an ejaculation and a glorious orgasm.

For the woman, blood flow to the vagina increases causing it to swell. The clitoris continues to become more sensitive. You may feel muscle spasms in the feet, hands, or even your face. And finally, you will feel involuntary muscle contractions that culminate in a sudden release of sexual tension, aka an orgasm.

Both partners may feel light headed, which is why many people describe sex as an outer body experience.

So, what does sex feel like? We'd say when it's good, it's an insanely fun journey to oblivion and back. Wouldn't you agree?