Make Your Girlfriend Happy by Saying these Cute Things

Unlike men, women rely a lot on words to make them feel happy, loved, and appreciated. All she needs is your embrace, your words of love and support, and a listening ear. Sometimes though, it takes more than "I love you" to convey your feelings to her or to comfort her. So, don't just send her the same old text. Take the ideas given here and say things that could make her melt.

To make your girlfriend happy, here are 30 things to say:

You're my world. There's no meaning to life, no reason to smile if you're not in it.

Everyday I want to wake up to you by my side. I want to watch you sleep. I want to know if I’m in your dreams. I want to hold your hand and love you in your deepest dreams.

My princess, give me your command and it shall be done!

If only you could see yourself from my eyes and know how beautiful, how perfect you are.

I’m in love with your imperfections. Your mood, your sense of humor, your quirkiness, your sad face, and your smiley face. I love it all.

You give me butterflies in the stomach. Every time I'm near you, my heart races a hundred miles. I try to stay calm, but deep down my heart is smitten!

All I have to give you is love. I can’t promise you gold and silver, but I can definitely promise you a life of love, trust, and happiness.

You complete me like no one ever has. I mean, who would ever laugh at my horrible minion jokes!

I'm an empty book waiting to be filled. Will you be the pen to my pages?

You know me inside out. That's scary, but it's also relieving. I can get to be myself with you.

Jack died for Rose in Titanic. I'd do it different. I'd try to find a way to live and grow old with you.

I won't ever get tired of thanking you to be in my life. You make me the happiest man alive.

I love it when our lips meet. It still makes my heart skip a beat. Everytime I kiss you, I feel alive again.

You're the reason I want to outlive this life. You’re the reason I want to go on. You’re the reason I have fallen in love with life again.

Let me protect you from bad dreams. Let me protect you from the vices of the world and let me love you more with every passing day.

I want to keep you safe in my arms because that's where you deserve to be.

Your strength and perseverance make me so proud to be your man.

You're not alone. I'll take care of you and take away all your pain. I just need your smile. I just need you to love yourself again and I'll be a happy man.

I love you, more than the air I breathe. I'd gladly give away eternity just to be with you.

All I need is the touch of your hands, the kiss of your lips, and the sound of your voice to feel alive again.

I think a lot these days. I know I can't often come up with the right words to tell you how I feel, but this much I'll tell you - I can't live without you because if you're not there, life would be nothing but an empty shell. So don't ever let me go because you are the color of my rainbow.

We're so blessed to have found love in a world of hate. Inside each other, we found our hope, our strength, and our life together.

I'm all yours. Love me with all that you've got and I'll love you back more than what I've got.

When we are together, the world doesn't matter anymore. When we hold hands, every struggle seems achievable. When we laugh, every sorrow seems to fade away. When we cry, every moment of life seems more precious than ever. When we are together, it's the celebration of life, love, and laughter.

I miss your warmth, your smile when you look at me, and your kiss when you've missed me the whole day.

I just want to come home to you and sleep in your arms, my head on your chest listening to the soft rhythm of your heartbeat. It feels like they are calling out my name and telling me how much you love me.

Love me now for I don't know if tomorrow may come.

You glow like a candle in the dark every time you smile. It's beautiful.

I'm so happy to have you in my life. Finally, I can be with someone who gets my madness.

You and I, we are like a gang and I love my gangsta!